With over a decade of teaching experience, Mrs. Clark is a dedicated educator who believes that teaching with the proper balance of love and logic aids in building capacity as it relates to educating children. Her aim is to inspire students to take the journey to becoming lifelong learners. She has found that in learning she teaches, and in teaching, she herself learns perpetually. She views true teaching as a bridge over which she invites her students to cross; “then, having facilitated their crossing, [she] joyfully collapse, encouraging them to create their own” bridge to further growth and development. Her objective to teaching is to enable those she is graced to teach to get along without a teacher, while maintaining a teachable spirit. In so doing, students will seek knowledge without knowledge being thrust upon them and will also prayerfully become wiser in the process.

Mrs. Clark is a devoted wife to her husband of over 30 years. Together they are blessed with three “joys from heaven”—two young men and one young lady. It is the love, inspiration, and encouragement she receives from God and her family that is the wind beneath her wings.

 Mrs. Clark holds a BS in Education and a dual MBA/MPA in Business Management with a specialization in Nonprofit.


Check out Mrs. Clark’s blog: www.maclark7.weebly.com

Email: mclark@ctrca.org